When Should You Not Wear A Thong?

Have you ever heard about the times when you should not a wear skimpy men’s underwear style? This article talks about the counted times when you should go for some other men’s underwear style such as bikini or briefs but not men’s thong underwear for sure.

You must have heard everything about men’s thong underwear in terms of its use, construction, advantages, disadvantages and more. Have you ever heard about the times when you should not wear skimpy men’s underwear style? This article talks about the counted times when you should go for some other fashion apparel style such as men’s bikini underwear or men’s briefs but not thongs for sure.

It is very important to avoid wearing some intimate apparel styles at some occasions due to health issues. The following points put forward both health related and practical reasons that will make you think again before wearing a thong. Let us take a look at the situations when you should avoid wearing thongs for men.

• When you’re fond of cotton apparel: When you are totally in love with cotton undergarments it gets a little difficult to adjust with other fabrics. Thongs made with synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester and more than trap the breathability and enhance the accumulation of sweat down there. Hence, you can avoid wearing synthetic thongs. However, you surely can try out this respective style crafted out of cotton and other organic fabrics.

• When you’ll be in track pants: By this point it means that whenever you’ve planned your day to be in workout clothes; avoid thongs. Tight clothes/ spandex will produce a lot of heat in the privates and also can interfere with the air circulation cycle. It can foster bacterial growth that disrupts your penis health. Bring a fresh pair of underwear (and pants if you’re prone to sweat a lot) to keep things fresh after exercise.

• When you’re prone to bacterial/fungal infection: You must be aware of the fact that thongs are favorable when you have a fungal or bacterial infection in the pelvic area because; it being a tiny patch of fabric allows the infection to spread better and faster. Though it is a common ailment dealt by every person now and then; it is always said that “prevention is better than cure”. Hence, if you have the symptoms of infection; do not wear a pair of thongs. In fact, you can try the styles with a better coverage and breathability such as boxers.

• When you don’t take a shower daily: Firstly, it is very important for you take a shower every day but, in case that is not possible for some reason; you should avoid wearing thongs that day. The reason is that if you do not take a bath and clean the privates properly; you tend to invite fungal/bacterial infection. Daily washing with gentle soap can help infections.

• When you’re leaking: You must have heard about ABL that stands or Accidental Bowl Leakage that happens to every man now or later. With this syndrome, it is important for you to keep the privates clean and dry as well as wear something that does not let the infection spread. In simple words-avoid thong.

• When you’re sick: That means your immune system is already compromised (and quite busy stopping your running nose or fever). This could increase your risk of infection from other germs creeping around the crotch area, which will only make you feel worse.

Feeling bare now? These situations where you should not wear thongs are more prone to the ones available in synthetic fabrics. However, these situations do not last long and when you feel heart and healthy; you can get back to feeling sexy with men’s thong underwear.


Article by Michael Falcon A

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