What Type of Underwear Fabric Is the Best?

We wear underwear everyday. Do you know anything about the underwear fabric? The type of the underwear fabric is different and each of them has its own functions. You should know something about it, which will help you buy proper underwear.

1 Cotton

Cotton has many advantages and it is popular with all kinds of people, but for those who are honest to sweat a lot, cotton briefs are not suitable for them. It is because although cotton briefs are comfortable to wear and they work best to absorb sweat, yet they can not dry quickly and they are easy to be out of shape.

2 Lycra

Lycra is a synthetic elastic fiber that can be lengthened to 4 to 7 times of its previous length. It can not be used alone. It should be blended with other types of natural fibers.

3 Lyter

It is a superfine natural fabric made from fern. It is as sleek as the silk and it is thin, breathable, and easy to dry. If you wear the underwear made of this fabric, you will have the feeling that you do not wear anything because the briefs cling to your skin so well.

4 Cye-O

It is a fresh and sanitary fabric. Its most distinctive feature is that it can improve the circulation of oxygen so that it can enhance the blood circulation of the cutular layer of the male's genital organ.

5 Coolmax

It can help the sweat evaporate quickly so that if you wear the underwear made of it, no sweat will be left on the surface of the skin and clothing. This fabric is light and soft and it is easy to wash. It will not be out of shape after washing so that it need not to be ironed. It is the first fabric used to make sports underwear by many world-famous brands.

6 Meryl

It is soft and elastic so that it can cling to the skin well. It can absorb moisture well and block out ultraviolet rays.

7 Modal

It is the ultra-fine fiber made from the natural fiber. It, similar to cotton, has sleek texture and is comfortable to touch. It can absorb water faster than common cotton.

8 Tactel

It is a high quality fiber. It is also called Nylon. Nylon can make the fabric soft and comfortable. It can absorb moisture well, so it can create a moisture balance on your body. It is light and easy to be taken care of. You can wash it in a washing machine. It will not lose its shape easily and it is wrinkle-resistant so that it need not to be ironed.