SPRING – The Season of Sex

As the old rhyme goes:

‘Glory, glory, first of May,

outdoor ****ing starts today…’

The first few sunny days of the year get everyone’s sap rising, and most people find their thoughts getting a little frisky around May.

It’s in the air – the birds are whistling at each other, the flowers are blossoming; the entire natural world is putting on the Ritz and looking for action!

Traditionally, May Day was a fertility festival celebrating the rebirth of new life. Wild and raucous partying surrounded the rituals of the marriage of the May Queen and the Horned God, often ending in debauched sex. The maypole is actually a phallic symbol – after a day of dancing round it young girls were thought more likely to win a man and be more fertile. Pagan orgies may be less common these days, but spring is still a great time to get your groove on.

So how do you get into the sexy spirit of spring? For a start, get outside. After months of hibernation, you need to get the blood flowing and feel the sunlight on your skin. Whether it’s getting out to the countryside for some hiking – and maybe a roll in the grass – or even just a walk in the park, get out there and breathe in the fresh air. Exercise, sunlight and fresh air all increase your endorphin levels (happy hormones), which are more likely to get you in the mood for sex.

While you’re enjoying your expedition in the fresh air, you might feel like a little mischievous action in the outdoors. There’s something very thrilling about gettin’ jiggy in the grass – just check before you start there’s nothing sharp or sticky underneath you! Choose a bush or a hedge that gives you some shelter in case another party of hikers happens to come by, somewhere off the beaten track is best. Wear camouflage rather than attracting the attention of any passers-by! Leave your underwear at home for quick access, and make sure your camping kit includes a pack of condoms. On the subject of condoms, always take the used ones home – it’s unfair to spoil a beautiful passion spot with litter.

If you want to join in some sexy pagan celebrations, Edinburgh in Scotland holds a spectacular Beltane Festival each year, with semi-naked performers, a procession and over 15,000 people attending. Celebrations continue through the night.

But if you’d rather celebrate the spring with your own simple party, giving your lover a bright and beautiful bunch of flowers is a good start – then you might want to take them out dancing or plan a camping trip to get back to nature. If you’re after some outdoors action, a crotch less body suit could get you both in the mood, and then there’ll be nothing to stop you sharing a passionate clinch in the outdoors!

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