Sexy Lingerie Should be Shaped Like Avocados

Let’s face it most women do not have a perfect figure. They are just as sexy as any other woman, in their unique shapes. I’m not just referring to plus sized women only. Some women have large breast and narrow hips, some have wide hips and small breast, some have large middles, some are short and round, others are tall and slim, and some are in between. Woman come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. And so too, should sexy lingerie.

Lingerie should try and fit avocados. Because women are shaped very similar.

(see picture)

  1. Oblate
  2. Spheroid
  3. High spheroid
  4. Ellipsoid
  5. Narrowly obovate
  6. Obovate
  7. Pyriform
  8. Clavate
  9. Rhomboidal
  10. Other

Can you find your shape? Maybe you are an upside down pyriform (7), or maybe you are shaped more like a banana?

All these shapes have their own sex appeal. Sexy Lingerie is supposed to accomplish one or more of the following; show it off, hide it, or, pretend you got it. This is a frustrating thing when it comes to lingerie sizing. Bra and Panty sets are very difficult to match to some womens unique shapes. If a woman is pyriform (7) or rhomboidal (9) shaped, then a large bottom may fit her, but the top is going to be too small.

Yet, how are lingerie makers supposed to match all these different sizes and shapes? One option, at least as far as bra and panty sets go, is to offer a mix and match set, i.e. allow them to choose the top size separate from the bottom.

Corset, bustiers, and gowns are a lot easier. If you are woman that has an avocado shape then maybe that is the way to go. Gowns will fit a multitude of shapes, and hide certain aspects of your figure you want to hide, while showing off others. Corsets and bustiers will conform your figure, and possibly give the impression you have more of something, than you actually do.

Womens shapes are such a smorgasbord that it is virtually impossible to match them all. So, the people that design and make lingerie are taking this into consideration and finding work arounds.

Knowing that, then it’s not so much the size of the lingerie, as much as it is the type of lingerie you are picking.

Sexy lingerie styles are designed to help certain shapes. If you are oblate (1) shaped, then lingerie that shows the tummy is just a no no. Lingerie that hides the tummy, or shapes the tummy, is a definitive yes.

When you choose lingerie for yourself, or someone else, consider the body shape first. Find your work around. Then concentrate on the size, weather you are plus size, small size, or regular size.

Sexy lingerie can improve your sex appeal when used properly. Check back for more articles on how to choose lingerie.


Article by James Newton

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