Parent-Child Swimsuit,Women Girls Floral Print Halter Ruffle High Waisted Bikini Sets,Kinds of Swimwears

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About the product
size ——– Bust ——Wait ————–Hips (inch)
S————34-35——–26-27 ———–36.5-37.5
M————36-37——–28-29 ———–38.5-39.5

2~3 Y—80-100——-10-15
3~4 Y—102-110——15.5-17.5
4~5 Y—110-120—–17.5-20
5~6 Y—120-130—–19-22.5
Swimsuit selection method
(1) One-piece swimsuit: One-piece swimsuit is the most insured, most classical swimsuit, and is an excellent choice for shy women.
(2) Flat-foot swimsuit: For women who are not willing to express themselves, the flat-foot swimsuit is more conservative, but its shortcoming is that it will make the legs look very short, so choose carefully. The flat-foot swimsuit also suitable for people with thinner thighs.
(3) High-waist swimsuit: For women with small abdomen, it is advisable to choose a high-waist swimsuit, preferably with a twill, which can be used to achieve the waist-lifting effect, and also to divert attention to achieve the effect of modification.
(4) Skirt-style swimsuit: For women with flat hips, it is very suitable to choose a skirt-style swimsuit, which can visually beautify the hip line and show the grace of the legs.
(5) Split swimsuit: It is the choice of fashionable ladies. Women with good shape can choose.
(6) Large V-neck one-piece swimsuit: If your chest is full and your hips are very fat, you can choose a large V-neck swimsuit, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the effect.
(7) Bikini swimsuit: Everyone has always thought that bikini is a patent for a good woman. In fact, even if you don’t have a good figure, just choose the right bikini, you can cleverly cover up the shortcomings of the body, let you show charming charm.Material: Polyamide, Elastane . Comfortable and Soft, quick-drying, soft and stretchy. Please see the bottom Page,it is swimsuit selection method.
Size:S-XL(Mom size), 2~6 Years (Girls Size). Mom swimsuit with chest pad.Featuring Endurance + fabric, this suit will keep its shape after swimming.
Many options:halter swimsuit,floral bikini,ruffled bikini,tethers swimsuit,kids swimwear,parent-child swimsuit.
Occasion: suitable for swimming, pool, beach party, tropical vacations and other occasions. Just enjoy a wonderful outing with this swimsuit.If there is a quality problem, unconditional return.
Swimwear classification: 1, with a steel plate without chest pad, enough support force, suitable for the upper Feng women, C cup above. 2, with a chest pad without steel support, suitable for most swimmers. 3, steel plate with chest pad, suitable for Small chest,the disadvantage is cumbersome, unnatural after the water. 4, no steel plate without chest pad, professional game clothing for multi-purpose.