Panties: Types, Styles and Materials

Panties are a type of underwear worn by girls or women in the area below the waist. They are usually light, a snug fit and decorated with prints, lace or other ornamental curios. Standard components include a waistband, a pair of leg openings and a crotch to cover the genital area. This part is usually supported by a gusset and lined for extra protection. Typically, they have no legs but, in some cases, can have very short ones. With only a few exceptions to the rule, one single unit is referred to in the plural and addressed as a “pair of panties,” and is mainly worn for hygienic reasons or to look ultra-sexy and seductive. Their design can vary tremendously. Classic and high-cut briefs, hipsters, bikinis, thongs, Tangas, G-String or boy shorts are the most popular styles. The materials used to produce panties, also called knickers, pants or undies, ranges widely, and although cotton is preferred because of its absorbent qualities, other fabrics are equally in demand.

Panties are made from silk, cotton, satin, leather, PVC, nylon, mesh, lace, polyester, rawhide, lycra, but can be made from virtually any material, even edible ones. The newest cutting-edge panties are seamless. They lay flat against the body, are comfortable and impossible to detect; they are perfect to fool even the most trained eye.

Different people like different styles of panties. The style and material type preferred will depend on a persons body shape and personal preference. Choosing the perfect panties is usually a matter of trial and error.