Maintaining a Healthy Penis While Camping

Dudes hanging out in town or at home have a relatively easy time maintaining a healthy penis. But every so often, a guy – whether hipster or hopeless square, sophisticate or bumpkin – feels the lure of the Wild and takes it upon himself to go camping. While there’s nothing like the feel of the Great Outdoors, taking off for a trip into the Wild does require a guy to take a step back and think about what he needs to do concerning his penis care while he is on his manly camping adventure.

Things to think about

What are some of the factors which might impact a healthy penis when a man is camping out?

Underwear. One of the great things about going camping is that for once a guy has a perfect excuse to let personal hygiene go a little by the wayside. If a dude is going away for a week or so, he doesn’t want his backpack weighed down by unnecessary encumbrances – like underwear. Often guys will wear the same pair of boxers or briefs for the entire time they’re camping. After all, if he’s by himself, he doesn’t care. If he’s with a bunch of guys, they can rough it. If he’s with a woman – well, there have to be some inconveniences when camping! That’s just part of it.

Of course, wearing the same pair of underwear day in and day out is bound to give a guy a serious penis odor situation. That’s not good. Plus, the build-up of bacteria, sweat, dirt and other irritants can cause the penis skin to react in many different ways: rashiness, redness, scabbing, etc.

No underwear. So if wearing the same pair of underwear isn’t a good idea, how about going commando? On the surface that seems like a good idea – but after a few hours (or days) of the penis rubbing directly against rough, hot, sweaty denim or other fabrics, a man might change his mind. Leaving off underwear altogether for an extended period of time is a recipe for a seriously raw and irritated penis.

No clothes. In some instances, camping affords a guy the opportunity to run around butt naked. In truly secluded areas, this can be an option, and there’s a lot to be said for it. Nothing feels quite like standing nude in a nice breeze or skinny-dipping in a cool lake. Also, occasionally airing out the penis and balls is recommended, especially if penis odor is a major issue for a man. But letting it all hang out should be done sparingly. Too much sun can cause major discomfort issues. And don’t even think about what happens if the manhood comes in contact with some poison ivy or a swarm of mosquitoes.

Rashiness. Even with clothes on, men often find an insect- or plant-related rash popping up on the penis.

Smokiness. Campfires can be great for toasting marshmallows or telling ghost stories. But long-term exposure to smoke gets into the pores of the penis, giving an unwanted layer of odor to the manhood.

Rawness. All that fresh air pushes many men’s sex drives into high gear. Frequent masturbation while camping is not unusual – although since one is “roughing it, masturbation often occurs without adequate lubrication being on hand. The result: a satisfied but raw penis.

So how can camping men enjoy their time outside without sacrificing a healthy penis? One way is to take along a supply of a top flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). The best crème can address many of the issues raised above. Penis odor, for example, can be battled with a crème containing vitamin A, the antibacterial properties of which help keep that odor at bay. Raw penis skin or skin that has developed a rash or itchiness usually needs extra hydration. A crème that also includes shea butter and vitamin E, two potent moisturizers, can help prevent dryness and keep penis skin smooth and supple. The smart camping dude makes sure there’s room for a superior penis health crème in his gear.


Article by John Dugan

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