Lingerie For Your Body Type

While lingerie is supposed to make you feel distinctly sexy, it does exactly the opposite when you do not choose lingerie for your body type. One visit to the local lingerie store will prove that there are too many lingerie types for comfort, which can make shopping for a pair daunting to say the least. When shopping for lingerie, it is best to acknowledge the fact that everything which looked utterly stunning on the ramp of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show may not look becoming on you, so pick something that suits your shapes, flatters your assets and takes attention away from some of the figure bloopers. Here is a look at how you can pick pieces that will make your look fabulous.

Take a good look at yourself and your inhibitions: While you will need to literally look at yourself in the mirror to gauge your body type, analyzing your inhibitions and how much and what you want to show will also help you to buy lingerie that you are comfortable in.

Choose colors and patterns that flatter your body type: The colors should and fabric patterns should be considered before the lingerie style. Choosing the right colors will not only take the attention away from the trouble spots but will also help to accentuate your assets plus you will not look washed out. If you are top or bottom heavy, go for two toned pieces with the darker color on the larger section of the body. Animal prints are passé and only look good on women who have a perfect figure. Instead, choose monotones if you have some trouble spots and bold patterns if you are slim with a boyish physique.

Fabrics can also make a difference: The type of fabric that you choose will also impact the effect created by the lingerie. For instance, flimsy fabrics are more appropriate for women with flatter frames while heavier fabrics are more appropriate for women with larger frames.

Choose the right style of lingerie for your body type: Choosing the right style and cuts of lingerie for your body type is next.

“V” shaped figure: Women with wide shoulders, narrow hips and thighs and long legs whose over all body shape resembles an inverted triangle should accentuate the hips and legs and downplay the wideness of the shoulder area by choosing:

• High cut panties

• Full coverage or balconnette bras

• Low rise panties that define the waistline or embellished panties that draw attention to the lower part of the body.

An hourglass figure: Women who have curves in all the right places and whose overall form resembles an hourglass with a well defined waist and bust and shapely legs should pick lingerie types with:

• High waist panties or even the Brazilian thong

• Embellished bra and panty sets also work well.

The pear shaped body: Women with a small bust but heavy hips, thighs and legs whose overall structure resembles the shape of a pear should pick:

• Boys shorts that hide the heavy hips

• Demi and quarter cup bras that accentuate the bust line

• Triangle bras that add more depth

• High waisted briefs that give more support

Cylindrical shape: Women who have an overall straight body with small hips and breasts and a distinctly boyish physique should stick to:

• Push up and plunge bras or even contour bras that enhance the bust size and add more definition to the breast area.

• Thongs or ruched briefs that make the bottom look rounder

Choosing the right lingerie for your body type will not only add to your comfort but will also create the impact of a perfect figure. So, do not hesitate to try on several pairs before you choose the most appropriate lingerie for your body type.


Article by Nicole Roberts

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