How to Get Your Man to Be Romantic – Learn How You Can Encourage Him to Be a Lot More Romantic

There is something about a romantic gesture that melts a woman's heart instantly. It is when he says or does something really romantic that she feels loved and special! If you find that your guy is not romantic at all and needs to be encouraged to become more "mushy" then these tactics will help you realize that!

Start being romantic towards him
All it requires is the right moves on your part to make him realize that he needs to be more expressive when he tells you that he loves you. After all, romance keeps the desires strong. Start making romantic moves and gestures that will make him feel really good and he will begin to reciprocate in the same manner. Make him his special letters, write him love notes etc.

Let him know that you appreciate receiving little notes and gifts
There is no harm in letting him know how much you would love to get little notes and gifts (which incidentally need not be expensive ones) that show you how much he is thinking of you! Let him know that receiving a letter that tells you of his love and what he would love to do to prove it, would be the most thrilling thing in the world!

Show him through your actions that you are crazy for him
If you constantly show your guy that you are madly in love with him, he would be crazy not to respond to you. Do every little thing you can to make him feel cherished. From cooking special meals that warm his heart and stomach to buying sexy lingerie that will turn him on, make sure that you let him know that you want romance to be a big part of your relationship.

Speak about how much you like mushy romance
Sometimes we woman feel that a man should know what we want but that is the wrong thing to assum. Even though they might have inkling as to what women want, they need to be told in so many words as to what is expected of them. If you let your views and dreams be known then only can he comply and make them come true.

Make him aware of what pleases you most
It is important not to hide your feelings and emotions too much. While you should try not to be an open book all the time, it is essential to make him aware of what pleases you and turns you on the most. Once he is aware of this and has intimate knowledge of your likes and dislikes, he can not be expected to do what you want him to do.

Drop hints that you love a romantic scenario
If your guy really loves you, he will be quick to intercept your signals and signs. Drop broad hints that you like the typical romantic scenario that includes candles, soft music, wine, fine dining and the works! This will make him more eager to keep you satisfied and you will find him becoming more romantic to please you.

Be more responsive when he is romantic
If your boyfriend is too cold and unromantic, then you should try to make him see that you are not really happy with this type of behavior. Be a little distant and make him understand through your body language that you find him wanting. In the same way be every responsive and show him that you are thrilled when he does something romantic!