How To Flirt With Women

You see her from across the room and your heart stands still. She's the most beautiful girl in the room, but how do you approach her and what do you say?

Engaging women in dialogue that is intended to be flirting is not the easiest thing to do. Think of flirting as sexual teasing. You build up the sexual tension and then see what happens. There is a balance here between flirting and being a jerk, though, so you want to tease (flirt) lightly. Never come on too strong or insincere, women can spot that from a mile away. Go ahead and comment on her dress or her hair, but only if you really do like it. Find something good and sincere to start the conversation.

Maybe you've been watching her and really like the way she laughs. It is OK to say that. "I heard you laugh from across the room and I had to tell, you, it's a wonderful laugh" is a great conversation starter. But you say that, she says thank you, and now what do you say?

Easy, say "Is there something I could say to make you laugh like that again?" This will definitely bring on another laugh. Relax, let your natural charm come out, and have fun. Do not enter into the conversation thinking about what you can get out of it (like going to bed) but what you can bring to it (a fun conversation with an interesting person.)

Starting a conversation without expectations is the best way to not be disappointed. If she's not interested, hopefully she will let you know soon and with tact. If this is the case, move on and try again with someone else. No harm, no foul. Try not to get discouraged, and try not to be bitter. And another hint, the less alcohol, the better when you're flirting. You're probably not as charming as you think you are if you're tipsy.

Chemistry is the immediate feeling of being comfortable with someone, and if you approach a woman and feel this chemistry, both of you should notice it soon after the first few interactions of the conversation. There is, by the way, nothing logical about sexual chemistry. You see it all the time in couples. You know the couples I'm talking about, the ones where someone in your group leans over and inevitably whispers "what does she see in him?" Chemistry, baby, that what she sees.

To recap;

Watch her long enough to get something real about her, something that you really like and can be sincere about when you approach her.

Try to approach without expectations, relax, and have fun.

Keep the drinking to a minimum.

If you're subtle and charming, you should make progress immediately.

By the way, another word for charming in the dating world is relaxed.

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