Fetoo Invisible Silicone Sexy Bra with Unique Breathable and Strapless Design

Price: £3.99
(as of Dec 13,2018 08:37:03 UTC – Details)

Cup A : 70A(32A) 70B(32B) 75A(34A) 80A(36A)
Cup B : 70C(32C) 75B(34B) 80B(36B) 85A(38A)
Cup C : 85B(38B) 75C(34C) 80C(36C) 70D(32D)
Cup D : 85C(38C) 75D(34D) 80D(36D) 85D(38D)

70A(32A): Underbust 68-72cm/26.8-28.3″; Overbust 78-82cm/30.7-32.3″
75A(34A): Underbust 73-77cm/28.7-30.3″; Overbust 83-87cm/32.7-34.3″
80A(36A): Underbust 78-82cm/30.7-32.3″,;Overbust 88-92cm/34.6-36.2″
85A(38A): Underbust 83-87cm/32.7-34.3″; Overbust 93-97cm/36.6-38.2″

70B(32B): Underbust 68-72cm/26.8-28.3″; Overbust 80-84cm/31.5-33″
75B(34B): Underbust 73-77cm/28.7-30.3″; Overbust 85-89cm/33.5-35″
80B(36B) Underbust 78-82cm/30.7-32.3″;Overbust 90-94cm/35.4-37″
85B(38B) Underbust 83-87cm/32.7-34.3″; Overbust 95-99cm/37.4-39″

70C(32C) Underbust 68-72cm/26.8-28.3″; Overbust 83-87cm/32.7-34.3″
75C(34C) Underbust 73-77cm/28.7-30.3″; Overbust 88-92cm/34.6-36.2″
80C(36C) Underbust 78-82cm/30.7-32.3″; Overbust 93-97cm/36.6-38.2″
85C(38C) Underbust 83-87cm/32.7-34.3″; Overbust 98-102cm/38.6-40.2″;

70D(32D) Underbust 68-72cm/26.8-28.3″; Overbust 85-89cm33.5/-35″
75D(34D) Underbust 73-77cm/28.7-30.3″; Overbust 90-94cm/35.4-37″
80D(36D) Underbust 78-82cm/30.7-32.3″; Overbust 95-99cm/37.4-39″;
85D(38D) Underbust 83-87cm/32.7-34.3″; Overbust 100-104cm/39.4-40.9″

Product is durable and reusable if cared for properly. Do not recommend for hot temperatures or under great pressure
Do not use moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products prior to use, as this will reduce the effect of the adhesive. Please use warm water with mild soap and gently clean it with your
hands,not your nails,then shaking off all excess water,hang it up and let them air dried.Self adhesive silicone bra, achieve an amazing sexy cleavage with its unique adhesive double boost design.
Easily washable and reusable, Seamless & Invisible, can also be used without the clear Straps (Strapless )
Washable and reusable: simply clean with mild soap and water and allow to air-blank so the bra can be reused.
Quality Assurance: all our products are from highest possible quality guaranteed factory, the most rigorous manufacturing process gives you the superior possible quality assurance.
What You Get: A strapless, backless, adhesive push-up bra, and our fan-favorite warranty and excellent customer service