Factors To Consider When Choosing That Sexy Lingerie

When it comes to clothes most women are fully aware of the clothes that fit their bodies perfectly and complement their personalities as well. When it comes to matching that perfect skirt with a matching top and a pair of the best stilettos, has never caused a woman headaches. However, when it comes to lingerie the story is different. Lingerie has the power to either break or make your style. Therefore, it is important that you know the type of lingerie that complements your figure. In order to be able to tackle the question of how to choose lingerie, the following factors will successfully help you out.

The first factor you need to look at is your thighs and legs. For different types of legs there are various lingerie designs you can get to achieve that desired look. For example, if you want to create the illusion of fuller and longer legs, high-cut legs designs will do the trick. While, if you want a more seductive and sexier look, a skimpy, fitting little thong will work for you. In the instance where you have a plump bottom and big thighs, you should either divert attention to your breast by putting on anything that is bustier. Additionally, you can choose to wear a dress gown that will cover your bottom, which will give the impression of slimmer legs.

The second factor you need to consider is your breast size. In the female anatomy, the bust line is the part that attracts a lot of attention than all the other parts. Therefore, this means that you should consider choosing lingerie that complements your breasts. For example, if you have small breasts, wired or padded lingerie will definitely make your breasts look bigger. While, if you have big breasts, ensure that you go for lingerie that fits your breasts perfectly and do not squeeze them or make them look shapeless.

Your tummy is the other factor that needs to be considered when choosing your lingerie. If you have a pot belly, this might be a part of your body that you need to ensure that does not attract attention. You can achieve this by choosing dark-colored lingerie. These colors range from dark-green, black, maroon and the like. Apart from the colors, you should also go for fabrics that are opaque and not see-through fabrics. That is, you should avoid chiffon and go for sheer.

Your hair is also another factor you need to consider. Color is what catches the beholder’s eyes therefore; you should always choose lingerie with the colors that suit you. For example, blonde and fair-haired ladies would look superb with pastels and bright hues; red-headed ladies would look dazzling in deep blues and greens or auburn palettes and chocolate brown while, dark-haired ladies would dazzle in brighter hues or darker shades.

Lastly, your hips and waist are factors to be considered. Two-piece lingerie will help women who feel that they do not have the curvaceous, hourglass figure, by creating that illusion for them. All these factors are equally important when you are presented by the question of how to choose lingerie.


Article by John De Handson

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