Emergency Preparedness – The Little Things Forgotten

Underwear and socks – Remember to have a least two sets of heavy cotton sports underwear and socks. This applies for adult males and females as well as children. Keeping feet healthy, clean and especially dry is important, as walking might be the only method of travel available. The heavy cotton helps prevent blisters and breathes. The sport type underwear as well as socks is appropriate in they offer increased support and flexibility. Also, the sport type boxer-brief underwear can double as shorts or a bathing suit if needed. By placing each set in its own resealable plastic bag protects against dirt and moisture. Freezer bags work really well for this application.

Female Hygiene Products – Female napkins and pads and associated items need to remembered and packed. Like the underwear and socks, these items should also be placed in resealable plastic bags. The amount and type will depend on the individual yet should be stocked to cover at least two complete cycles. Since men typically are the ones packing these preparations it is important to have open frank communication with the women in the family regarding this area ahead of time to ensure every family member's needs are met.

Extra Belt Or Suspenders – Nylon belts are preferable as they tend to withstand abuse better. A good quality thick heavy-duty leather belt is also a good choice. Something as simple as a belt to hold up the pants can become a critical piece of equipment. It is a good idea to have one belt for each person in the family. One or two sets of general utility suspenders, sized medium and large, are great because they can be adjusted to fit just about anyone.

Money – It is a good idea to have some different forms of spending money packed away. Depending on what type of situation, banks might be closed and ATM machines inoperable. However, certain merchants or people might have goods or things to sell or barter. Some standard currency in addition to some secured travelers checks in small amounts is good to have on hand and packed.

Spare OEM Cellphone Battery – A fully charged cellphone battery should hold its charge for about 3 months depending on manufacturer and conditions of storage. Again a resealable plastic freezer bag is perfect for keeping moisture away from the battery. Cell service may or may not be available, however if it is there is a backup power source for the phone.


Article by Sean MacDonald

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