Buying Sexy Lingerie for Your Mate

As a husband or boyfriend, it can feel a little awkward walking into a lingerie shop. Apart from having such awkward moments, there are several other things that can go wrong. There are many factors you need to have in mind before deciding to go into the shop.

Size- This may seem obvious but before you walk into any shop, it is a good idea to know your woman’s size. Different manufacturers may use different sizing charts. These may include labels from XS, S, M, L, XL to 3X. Other labels used may be 0, 2, 4, 10, 16, and 18. Most retailers use sizes from A32 to DD 38. It is important to confirm your mate’s underwear and bra sizes. Rather than purchasing something that fits too loosely, it is better to go with something that fits tightly. It would be a pity if your mate never wears the lingerie because it does not fit.

Decide on your shopping method- Basically if you are not going to physically walk into the shop you can shop online. It is important to carefully choose where you will make your purchase. It can be uncomfortable to shop at retail stores where sales people may try to influence your decision. You may not get the right feel and look of the garment you had in mind. While shopping online it is important to determine the stores return policy beforehand.

Pick a style- It is vital to select something erotic that will turn on both of you. Sexy lingerie comes in many styles so it is important have your style and department store in mind. Factoring in the length of your relationship and level of intimacy can help you determine the right style. If you decide to play it safe and settle for casual, you could go for satin, lace or silk. In case you prefer taking more risk, you should try vinyl, leather, Lycra or PVC. You need to discuss some of these materials with your mate before making a decision. It is always better to make sure she is comfortable with Leather or PVC.

Consider her Body Shape- If you are shopping for a larger woman, baby dolls are an excellent choice. It is important to get the bra size right for baby dolls as their fitting is done around the bra area. Garter belts or corset styles are a great pick for taller women. Garter belts attract attention towards the legs thus accentuating their beauty. Body stockings are also a good choice for tall figures.

Pick the Right Color- For the majority of women you will never go wrong with black, white or red. Her hair color is an important consideration to make when choosing the right color. If your woman is blonde, you may go for pastel or black. While brunettes look fine in red or blue, red-haired women look better in green or blue. Your mate’s skin tone should also be factored in when picking a suitable color. If she light-skinned, then look for a darker color. Dark skinned girls look better in light colors.


Article by Charles O. Momo

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