5 Tips For Buying Lingerie For Your Voluptuous Wife

Are you hesitant about purchasing lingerie for your full-figured wife? Are you a little inhibited about shopping for lingerie, or afraid you’ll pick out the wrong thing? This article will give you the five most important tips to remember when shopping for lingerie for your plus size wife.


Too often, men try to guess their wife’s size when they buy them clothing. That’s a huge mistake. Properly fitting lingerie can make the difference between your wife feeling confident in how she looks, or her feeling unsure. Plus sized lingerie comes in a variety of sizes. One sizing system is 1X, 2X, 3X and so on. Another sizing system is 16, 18, 20, 22 and so on. You need to know which size she wears according to both systems. Take a peek in her closet and drawers and check tags for sizes. But, be sure to look at tags on clothing she currently wears – as many women have clothing in their closets that doesn’t currently fit them.


Is your wife completely comfortable with her body? If so, then more revealing types of lingerie would be appropriate (such as sheer body stockings, cupless teddies, bustiers with garters and nylons, or camisole sets with g-strings. However, if your wife is self-conscious of her figure, you need to respect that and select something that will make her feel sexy, but also not too vulnerable. In this case, you should look for baby dolls, a peignoir set with a revealing gown but with a sheer robe, gowns with plunging V-necklines (but still covering the breasts), or a pretty chemise.


Inexpensive lingerie might look pretty on a hanger, or on a model (if you’re shopping online), but keep in mind that it is often made from low quality fabrics and trim. These inferior materials don’t drape well on the body (as they are often stiff) and the lace and trims used can be rough and scratchy. Consider the fact that this part of the outfit comes in contact with sensitive areas of her body. Would you want sandpaper in your boxers? Higher end lingerie designers use high quality fabrics and trim, which will feel soft next to her body.


You can often find the same things online that you would find in your local lingerie store. However, the online prices are usually less. Most online shops don’t have the high overhead their brick and mortar counterparts do, so they can offer the same things at better prices.


Make sure your wife will be able to return or exchange the item if it’s not a good fit. A reputable merchant will allow for returns within a reasonable amount of time (usually 30 days after purchase).


More and more men have become comfortable purchasing lingerie for their wives as a way to memorialize a special occasion, a wedding anniversary, a birthday, or “just because.” If you keep the above tips in mind when making your purchase, your chances are pretty good that your wife will enjoy her gift. Make the event even more romantic by coupling the lingerie gift with a bottle of her favorite perfume, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or a nice scented candle. She’s sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Article by Lorraine Grant

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