10 Ways to Look After Your Bra

Here are ten easy ways to keep your bras looking fresh and new

  1. Wash your bra often so perspiration and body oils don’t linger. A bra will be worn next to your skin, so it’s essential that it’s free of dirt, sweat and grime.
  2. Always fasten the hooks on the bra before washing. This will prevent them catching on trim or on other clothes and place them in a lingerie bag.
  3. Try to hand wash your bras to prolong its life. Use cool water and a gentle soap made for delicate fabrics. Remember some washing machines now have a hand wash cycle which you may want to try
  4. Place the bra in a lingerie bag if you machine-wash it.
  5. Wash your bra in cool water on the delicate cycle, using a mild detergent.
  6. Always air dry your bra after washing
  7. If you are nursing, breast milk generally does not stain. If it does, pre-treat the nursing bra with an enzyme-containing product such as Biz, which will dissolve the protein in the milk stain. Then wash as usual.
  8. Machine washing under wire bras can result in the wire coming out and lodging in your washing machine. Which can be very expensive to repair!! Therefore if you machine wash these bras, make sure they’re inside a lingerie bag.
  9. Using harsh detergents on a bra is not only bad for the bra – it may cause irritation around your nipples or skin
  10. For best results, do not put a bra in the dryer.