10 Sensual Treats For Delicious Marriage Intimacy

Before you can spice up a marriage and inflame your passion, the basic ingredients of your relationship recipe need some attention. Spicy nights of steamy sex need to be tempered with sensual pleasuring sessions. By learning to enjoy the minority sensations of loving intimate together, you will both be able to more fully appreciate the full variety of erotic tricks available to you. Sweet and delicious, hearty and satisfying, spicy hot or exotic and decadent, develop an appetite for everything on the sex menu as you sample and savor all the possible flavors of your intimate experiences together.

Make pleasure a priority in your relationship. Take time to enjoy each other with these succulent suggestions:

  1. Shower together. Give your lover a sensual scalp massage while you shampoo and condition their hair. Lather your bodies up with soap and slither and slide against each other. Carressing each other while slick with soap can also feel amazing. Sex in the shower may be a bit awkward but can be very enjoyable. Try using a detachable massaging shower head for extra stimulation.
  2. Have a bubble bath together. Arrange some candles, incense, soft music and maybe some chilled wine ahead of time. Set aside alone time for relaxing together in calm and soothing tranquility. Save the sex for later when you are dry and ready to cuddle in a comfy bed.
  3. Take hand in hand nature walks together. Find time to get away from the bustle and stress of every day life. Moon or star light walks at night, strolling along a beach or water front, secluded picnics by a stream, or just wandering through a nature trail are times together that will strengthen your bonds of love and affection.
  4. Enjoy food intimately. Prepare a tray with a number of different food items chosen for their texture, taste and smell. Include various fruit, syrups, whip cream, liquors and, of course, some refreshing drinks. One at a time, blind fold and feed each other samples with a focus on the taste sensation. See if they can guess what it is. Sensually apply some of the food to regions of your lover's body then lick or nibble it off.
  5. Appreciate an appetizing aroma. An intoxicating smell can be very sexy and stimulate desire. Choose a favorite perfume or cologne that you each wear only for intimate nights together. Create a scent memory associated with romantic feelings that can get you in the mood in an instant. Play a hide and seek perfume game searching each other for a secretly applied scent. You can also delicately stroke your lover's face with a fresh rose bud or flower. Or just revel in your lover's natural scent laced with sex pheromones.
  6. Enjoy a candlelight dinner together. Although dining out is wonderful now and then, preparing and cooking your own dinner together can be even more rewarding. Organize the meal items so that you can quickly get dressed in evening wear before dinner to make it even more special. Enjoy your food with soft music and candles to create a romantic atmosphere. And, if cooking at home, make it simple so there is little or no mess to clean up before enjoying each other.
  7. Slow dance naked together. In a dark room with the soft glow of candle or moon light, slow dance naked to romantic music. Gently stroke and cares each other as you embrace and sway to the music. Kiss each other tenderly with loving affection and gaze into each others eyes. These quiet moments of intelligence can be very emotionally fulfilling.
  8. Give each other an oil massage. The sensual feeling of fingers and palms gliding smoothly over oiled skin is highly erotic for both the giver and receiver of the massage. Although there are books on relaxing and erotic massage techniques, once you try it you will quickly discover what feels good. In addition to the obvious (back, shoulders and legs), give some attention to fingers, toes, chest and stomach before venturing to the erogenous zones.
  9. Indulge in the luxury of satin or silk on skin. Wear silky smooth lingerie for women and boxers / shirts for guys. Cares your lover through the fabric and enjoy the sensual feel as body parts slide and glide across each other. Get naked in bed with satin or high thread count sheets and make love together in style.
  10. Experience super slow motion sex. Rather than trying to trigger an orgasm, focus on the sensations you feel during intercourse. Every twitch, throb and pulse. The warmth and wetness of your special union. Become aware of how even breathing creates subtle sensations in your loins.

Awaken your desires for sensual pleasure together and you will pilot a renewed hunger for each other.